Monday, 24 August 2009

FastCGI for OpenVMS V1 Released

BC&JA are happy to release the first version of FastCGI for OpenVMS!

There is a Web site for FastCGI for OpenVMS where we will try and describe a few usage scenarios that we hear about, perhaps the odd tip, and generally attempt to provide information on the use of FastCGI for OpenVMS.
If, after reading the documentation you would like to try the software, then please send a brief email stating platform and OS version to brett.r.cameron(at) and johndapps(at) and we will respond with the kit location.
We would love to hear from you, either via mail or as a comment to this entry! Let us know what you are doing and what other software you are using, for example, gSOAP for OpenVMS or perhaps ZeroMQ for OpenVMS.

Disclaimer: the information in this document is the sole responsibility of the authors. The information contained herein is offered on a best-effort basis. The authors and their respective employers offer no support or warranty on any of the content in this document or the software described in it.


  1. Corrected a minor flaw in the documentation and reposted the documentation. Thank you to our loyal (anonymous) friend for finding the error and pointing it out to us!

  2. Hi,

    How can I compile and link gsoap files to compag pascal in mms file?

  3. Hello and thank you for your inquiry!
    Perhaps you could email us at our Gmail addresses along with a small example of your current MMS make file which you are using for Pascal?

    Our email addresses are:

    brett.r.cameron AT gmail DOT com
    johndapps AT gmail DOT com

    Thank you, John

  4. Watch those DCL symbols which you have defined for compiles, linker and so on! They can lead to unexpected results...